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In loving memory of Patty Lopez who lost her fight with Lymphoma in February 2008. She never stopped smiling and laughing all throughout her 3 year battle.  She is an awesome inspiration to her children and to us all.

    Skills taught this month will be coloring, brush painting, sponge painting, finger painting, modeling with play dough, direction following, listening in a group, sharing, and remembering finger plays, songs, and activity poems. P.E. skills taught will be balancing and hopping on one foot. There will also be creative movement activities and movement to music.  

  Concepts taught will be identifying objects that are the same and those that are different, recognizing and copying patterns of objects, and identifying pairs of objects. Math concepts taught will be matching one-to-one to make equivalent sets. We will also learn the colors red and orange. Older children who already know their colors will learn the color words.  
We will work on memory development.

  Vocabulary development this month will be big and little, large and small, beside, behind, and in front.

​Proudly display your child’s art and craftwork. Remember the children are in the process of learning and the process of creating the project is more important than the finished product.